Early-Bird Discount ends June 30th
  • Fall developmental (Recreational) registration is open from May 15th and closes on August 14th
  • Rostering will begin in Early July
  • This is a 9-week program with 8 league games.
  • Practice typically being the 3rd week of August with games kicking off the week after Labor Day.
  • The majority of early registrants' requests are accommodated due to ample space and availability during initial team formation. However, some requests may not be accommodated if a team is full or if registration is late
  • Formation of teams is dependent on volunteer coaches, and players are placed on a first come first served basis. When a team is full, a player will be placed on a waitlist until a space becomes available or another volunteer coach is found.


Our fees cover player registration fee, equipment for coaching, field maintenance, risk management, insurance, head coach education, field rentals and club operational costs.

Micros, Kinders, 1st & 2nd Grade - $135.00 with Early Bird Discount

3rd - 8th Grade - $160.00 with Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount saves $20 and ends June 30th




To participate in the Fall Developmental League, we do require that players purchase their Developmental jerseys In person at the Rush Office or from Capelli online.

The alternate White Jersey or Blue Socks are not required for participation, as we only use the Blue Jersey for League Play.

Blue jerseys are for 1st—8th-grade players and can be worn until outgrown. As part of their registration fees, kindergartners receive a T-shirt jersey and black soccer socks.

The link to purchase uniforms online is below, and the Code to enter the shop is HB312 

Jersey Price: $26-27


Q: How do I receive updates about my registration, my player being rostered to a team and other recreational news from Hillsboro Rush?

A: Make sure you have registered through our official website and have downloaded the TeamSnap application from your smartphone’s app store (the phone application is free)! This is where different forms of communication are available, through the club, directors, and coaches. Ensure you’re logging with the email address you used to register your player.

Q: Is Hillsboro Rush recreational programming a good fit for my player?

A: The intention and purpose of our recreational program is to offer a fun, relaxed, learning experience for players of any skill levels. Players may step into the programming with no experience, little to some experience, or have played for years; whatever the case may be, this program is open to all players between the grade levels of kinder through to 8th grade.

Q: When does the season officially begin? Practices? Games?

A. The Fall recreational season begins with practices in late August and games the week after Labor Day. League games for Kinders are on Thursday evenings, and for 1st—8th Grade are on Saturdays.

Q: What is the practice schedule? How will I know before I register?


Players will be rostered to teams throughout the weeks leading up to pre-season practices. Once you’ve been rostered to a team, you’ll see the “Schedule” tab for your player’s schedule. We allow volunteer coaches within our programming to choose their own practice schedule (day of the week, time of the day, location of the practice). Once your volunteer coach has selected a day of the week, time slot, and location for practices, they will manually upload their practices to the Teamsnap app. Practice schedule will be posted no later than late March/Early April. 


Our game schedule will be posted in late August once teams have been confirmed for our Tualatin Valley Youth Soccer League.

Q: Where are the practices and games? How long is the season?


A majority of our Tualatin Valley Youth Soccer League are hosted locally in Hillsboro at school district fields and local Hillsboro Parks & Recs park fields. Older teams may have some travels to neighboring areas of Hillsboro (North Plains, Banks, Tillamook, etc). Practices are hosted locally at school district and local Parks & Rec park fields. 

Q: What items should I purchase for my player before the season begins? (Micro player = Kinder, 1st, 2nd Grade)

A:  You should purchase appropriate-sized firm ground soccer cleats, shin guards, and athletic sports attire ( black athletic shorts, sports T-shirts, etc). Hillsboro Soccer Club provides a game jersey specific to Saturday league games, and black soccer socks.

You should purchase appropriate-sized firm ground soccer cleats (metal cleats, football/baseball cleats are prohibited), black athletic shorts of any brand, shinguards, black soccer socks, and our game day jersey located on the recreational website page. Link found down below - 

Q: How can I help volunteer in the program? What can I volunteer in?

A: Hillsboro Soccer Club’s recreational programming is volunteer run and looks to engage families who are wanting to involve themselves in different areas. If you view our website, there are multiple links that guide you through signing up to volunteer as a coach in the program, or in other areas that include helping sort out recreational gear & equipment, helping line game and practice fields for teams, etc.

Q: What is the format of the recreational Tualatin Valley Youth Soccer League?

A: We format our TVYSL rules and guidelines to better fit specific grade levels and their needs as the individual player. It’s proven by US Youth Soccer that different formats for different age groups are beneficial for the players' development. Please see the club’s webpage for more information on our rulesets and guidelines for formats specific to your player’s grade level.

How many practices and games are there per week?

A: For both our Fall and Spring seasons, we offer 1 game over the weekend (Saturdays only), and two weekly practices.

How are team formations created?

A :

Our recreational program consists of serving kinder - 8th grade age players. Boys and girls teams are formed separately along with separate age groups (kinder separately all the way until 6th grade, middle school-aged teams are formed together). Our recreational coordinator creates teams based on registrants' coach requests, player and friend requests, and feeder school locations. 


How can I find out more information about the Hillsboro Rush Recretaional League?

A :

Please make sure to visit our website and stay up to date with the website details. More information about league rules and can be found at - 


Rush Academy - Taking the Next Step

In an effort to constantly look to improve our programs and the subsequent learning environment for our players, we realized that there is a gap between programs within our own Player Pathway.

To ensure that we are not doing a disservice to our players, we have created a brand new program called the Hillsboro Rush Academy. These programs will be headed by our Recreational Co-ordinator Mason Aguirre, and our Technical Director Michael Wall. Along with quality and experienced coaches from our competitive program, we are looking to create a bridge for players to continue their growth.

Train on turf, with licensed coaches and a player centered environment, to allow our players to reach their true potential.

Academy Players are 5-14 years old

Volunteering With Us

Hillsboro Rush is built upon the foundation of our community, with our organization operated entirely by volunteers. We have a passion for teaching soccer, empowering players to develop life skills, and of course, a love of the game.

Volunteer to coach and receive both an in-house coach education as well as a coaching app with age appropriate curriculum through the club. You will have the opportunity to work with your son or daughter, and in addition, have your program fee reimbursed at the end of the season after the gear has been collected and returned. 

Coaches must register with two different systems. 

Registering with the Hillsboro Rush identifies your interest in coaching, click the More Information button below. Additionally, you are required to complete a Background Check via the Sports Affinity Software each seasonal year. Sports Affinity is an Online Data Management used by OYSA for Risk Management.

Coaching With Us

Are you interested in becoming, or continuing as a volunteer coach for Hillsboro Rush?

Free clinics are sponsored by the club and available to all coaches and cover a variety of topics such as small-sided games, goalie tips, injury prevention, and so on.

The clinics are often geared to particular age levels and range from topics useful to Beginners through Experienced coaches. Hillsboro Rush Developmental Coaches who attend a Coach Clinic will qualify for their player's registration fee reimbursement after the season is complete.

Attend a clinic today (Spring clinic schedule coming soon) - they're free, they're informative and they're mostly instructed by Hillsboro Rush Directors and Competitive Coaches.

More Volunteer Opportunities

Equipment & Field Help

This may include ; counting out bibs, cones and soccer balls for spring teams. Helping set up, kit down for the Developmental Spring meeting, handing out equipment. At the end of the season, aiding in the collection and inventory of Spring Coaches.

This may also include ; grass fields are measured and lined at the beginning of the season, help us paint lines and prep fields. This then needs to be maintained throughout the season, including line work, hole filling and moving goals.

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The HSD Scholarship is another form that families with low income can fill out. It provides them with $150 if filled out and approved. Families need to fill out the form and then the school district will reach out to us letting us know if they have been approved or not.