Hillsboro is one of the fastest growing cities in Oregon, and Hillsboro Rush are leading the way with an ambitious campaign to ensure quality fields are available to all who wish to play.

To Provide a Quality & Accessible Field to Hillsboro


A New Home

A place that we - as a community - can call home. One of the only clubs in the region with their own field location.


For All to Play

No matter the demographic of a player, Hillsboro Rush has always endeavored to create a safe and educational environment for the youth of Hillsboro.


For the Future

Creating a sustainable environment and longevity for the future successes of our players, families and community.

The Field Project 2025

Hillsboro Rush is embarking on our most ambitious project yet. 

With Hillsboro growing at almost 20% every 10 years, we are preparing ourselves for this continued growth, by commencing the creation of a synthetic field with full lights. 

This project is based out of the Evergreen Christian Center in Hillsboro, where we have been fortunate enough to source an incredible location for our new home.

This home will become a base for more than 2000 players every season to train and compete on, along with a multitude of other income generators for our growing club. 

It will help us grow our financial aid program, our scholarships, our MultiCultural league and so much more.

This field is for the future of our community, and we welcome you to join us in becoming a part of our history.

Expected Player Growth
Starting Budget
Estimated Overall Cost

How Can You Help?


We are aiming to fundraise a lot of money toward our field goals to aid our community, and do that, we need our community to help raise awareness. Share on social media platforms, speak to your employers or those who could be interested in supporting our shared goals.


The most direct way that you - as an individual or company - can aid the project is by donating directly to the field project. Information on how to do so can be found below.


Every player that walks through the doors of Hillsboro Rush become a part of our family. Our community helps us in a variety of ways, and your continued support allows us to be as ambitious as we are with this field project.

Up to Date News


Hillsboro Rush Build The Field

Our official Site Plan has been released, and we can confirm that Evergreen Christian Center will be the home of our synthetic field.

Permits for us to begin construction of the synthetic field have been approved, and now the entire focus of our project will go toward fundraising.

If you wish to donate, please do so using the link below.

As we make progress on the project, we will continue to update this part of the site with photographs and information of the project.

You can keep up to date with our updates, by following our Field Project page on Facebook, by clicking below.

To get the most up to date news, links, information and photos regarding our construction of the field, you can go directly to our Facebook page Build the Field below.

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