The league is split into Winter & Spring. The Winter League runs from December 2nd to February 3rd, while the Spring League runs from February 17th to March 16th. They both feature indoor futsal matches for youth teams, emphasizing skill and teamwork.
Games are on Saturdays, and points determine standings for semifinals and finals.
Check Hillsboro Futsal's website LINK for schedules and updates, ensuring fair play and safety with age-appropriate rules.
It's a great opportunity for young soccer enthusiasts to develop skills and camaraderie.

Dates & Cost

Winter League runs from December 2nd to February 3rd

Spring League runs from February 17th to March 16th

Program Fees

$65.00 for Kinder - 2nd Grade

$75.00 for 3rd - 8th Grade


Age Groups

Gender specific divisions (not coed)
Bi-annual age brackets include:
K-2nd grade
3/4th grade
5/6th grade
7/8th grade.
We value suitable competition and development opportunities for everyone and do our best to create equitable teams.


Micro teams are provided a game Jersey,

3rd - 8th-grade players wear the blue Capelli Jersey.

Socks, Shorts and Capelli Jerseys are available at the Hillsboro Rush office.
MWF 10-2pm - Rush Office: 2074 NW Aloclek Dr. Suite #415, Hillsboro, OR 97124

How To Register

All players and teams must complete the registration process before the season begins. This includes submitting necessary documents, waivers, and payment of fees.


Game Duration

Futsal games typically consist of two halves, each lasting [e.g., 20 minutes], with a halftime break. Game durations may vary depending on age groups.

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Futsal Rules

The league follows Futsal-specific rules and regulations. It's essential for players and coaches to be familiar with these rules, which may include modified game rules for different age groups.



Standings and game results will be regularly updated and available online for all teams and participants to track progress throughout the season.

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